Wibke Weidekamp


Welcome to a space where movement transforms!

I'm a certified Feldenkrais instructor, deeply passionate about guiding individuals on their journey to a more harmonious and healthier life. Through a unique blend of longstanding expertise and empathetic teaching, I create the personalized experiences that foster self-discovery and well-being. My holistic approach ensures every session is an oasis of tranquility and well-being. My classes, professionally prepared and diverse, invite you to discover new horizons, fostering your growth and health.

My Dynamic Journey in Feldenkrais and Beyond

over 16 years of experience in individual and group sessions of the Feldenkrais Method

continuous further education with internationally recognized trainers

member of the trainer team for the Feldenkrais training program by S. Schönauer (2020-2024)

advanced training in various body disciplines - Body-Mind Centering, Spiral Dynamics, Yoga, Meditation

certified systemic management coach, NLP practitioner and hypnotherapy training

nutrition and holistic health coach

"Join me on this transformative journey to enhance effortless your quality of life. Let's explore the boundless possibilities of your body together."

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